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We were among the first hotels in Liguria to offer a free Wi-Fi connection.
Hotel Clelia Logis d'Italia, located in Deiva Marina, between Portofino and the Cinque Terre, had a Wi-Fi connection even
when there was no ADSL connection in Liguria and one had to use an analogue or ISDN line.
We offered this service in spite of its high costs, because we have always believed that internet connection should be a free and uncomplicated service.
Thanks to the today’s technologies, we are now able to offer an excellent, fast, reliable service free of charge,
with professional characteristics - which are not to be taken for granted in the area of the Cinque Terre.

The Wi-Fi signal covers all the rooms and the common areas of the hotel and is strong enough to guarantee a good connection.
The veranda of the bar, the restaurant and the swimming pool are also covered by Wi-Fi signal.
A cable internet connection is available in every room of the hotel.