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Dinner: every evening. Entrance 19.30 - 21.30

Misto Mare Clelia: fish appetizer in three courses. First course: mussels soup. Second course: cold seafood appetizers (seafood salad, anchovies, smoked fish, oysters, Octopus Salami). Third course: warm seafood appetizers (stuffed mussels, pilgrim scallops au gratin, fried cod, stuffed anchovies, prawns in poppyseed puff pastry) with parsley sauce € 35
Plateau Royal: Steamed lobster, scampi,pilgrm scallops, squids and prawns, fish crudités (mussels, oysters, cockles, tuna, salmon, monkfish), with vegetable crudités and sauces. Sauces: Tropea onion vinaigrette, Catalan sauce, sweet and sour soy sauce € 40
Prawns in Vermentino Tempura with fried sage leaves and tzatziki sauce (sauce made with Greek yoghurt and cucumber) € 18
Sea bream tartare with mango and pink pepper € 18
Shrimps cheviche with lime, avocado, cherry tomatoes and chives € 18
Mussels soup € 14
Cod in cream with potatoes in a honey mustard sauce € 16
Spaghetti with garlic, oil, light chili pepper with amberjack tartare, capers and apple chips € 18
Potato and beetroot dumplings with clams, zucchini and mullet roe € 16
Fish ravioli with half a lobster € 25
Risotto with burrata and scampi € 16
Seafood Risotto with Amaro Santa Maria € 18
Risotto with monkfish, citrus and mint € 18
Fritto Misto di Pesce: various types of fried fish
Prawns, squids, scampi, paranza, anchovies according to availability
€ 18
Fish chowder  € 25
Steamed octopus on paprika and anchovy sauce € 22
Grigliata mista di pesce: mixed grilled fish € 22
Tuna in sesame bread crust with sweet and sour soy sauce € 20
Ligurian style oven-baked sea bream or sea bass with potatoes, Taggiasca olives, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes € 20
Grilled sea bream or sea bass € 20
Catch of the day: the price varies depending on the weight  
French fries € 5
Mixed salad € 5
Grilled vegetables € 5
Potatoes baked in the oven € 5
Side dish of the day € 5
Tagliere Val di Vara: board with Cima, typical cheeses and salami from Vara Valley, Sgabei (fried bread) € 15
Mesciua: typical cereal soup from La Spezia with beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils, wheat grains € 12
Minestrone genovese: hearty vegetable soup (with pesto sauce on request) € 12
Pansotti (stuffed pasta) with walnut sauce € 12
Trofie alla Genovese: typical Ligurian pasta with pesto sauce, potatoes and green beans € 12
Ligurian-style rabbit: with potatoes, pine nuts, olives and herbs € 14
Gattafin and Panissa: fried ravioli with Prescinsea cheese and borage, accompanied by chickpea fritters € 12
Monterosso Lemon Parfat € 6
Uncle Luca Shortcrust pastry with vanilla sauce and seasonal fruit € 8
Forest fruit cheesecake € 7
Pandolce and Sciacchetra wine € 10
Tiramisu del Clelia € 7
Homemadre ice-cream € 6
Homemade sorbet € 5
Homemade sorbet with liqueur  € 6

Coperto -Cover charge: Euro 2 per person

Panissa: Panissa is a typical appetizer from Liguria made with chickpea flour.

Prebuggiun: Prebuggiun is a mixture of wild edible herbs that are reaped, boiled and served together. The term comes from Ligurian dialect and comes probably from the verb “preboggî” (in Genoese) which means “to boil before”. There is also a legend that tries to explain the origin of its name. The popular belief is that the name « Prebuggiun » comes from a story that goes back to the crusade. During the siege of Jerusalem some vassals of Goffredo Buglione picked up herbs for making the soup for him and his troops (from Latin Buglionis). Here the term Preboggion, from the Latin “pro Buglionis”, which means for Buglione.

Val di Vara: Vara is the valley that is situated behind Deiva Marina. Sgabei are a specialty from Lunigiana (at the border between Liguria and Toscana): strips of dough fried in peanuts oil. Cima is one of the traditional recipes of Ligurian cuisine : stuffed veal breast slices, served cold.

Ravioli with herbs and Genoese “tuccu”: Tuccu is the « genovese » word for « piece ». It means the piece of meat that is used to make meat ragù, low-cooked meat sauce with tomato.

Trofie alla Genovese with potatoes and green beans: Trofie is a short, thin, twisted pasta typical from our region.

Chickpeas in zimino: The term ‘in zimino‘ refers to a whole class of dishes in which the main ingredient (is braised in spinach or swiss chard).

Risotto with prescinseua: Prescinseua is a variety of cheese typical of the. In Italian it is also referred to as quagliata or cagliata. It has a consistency half way between yogurt and ricotta cheese. It has a fairly sour flavor and is used in the preparation of a number of typical Ligurian dishes.

Gattafin: fried ravioli with a filling of scented herbs seasoned with onion, eggs and cheeses. Typical of La Spezia province.

Pandolce Genovese and Sciachetrà : Pandolce is a typical holiday bread from the Liguria. It is filled with sweet raisins and pine nuts.