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The peninsula of Portofino is beautifully tucked in between the sky and sea, like a gem, and offers so much for your holiday:
A marvellous natural landscape, where the best spots can only be reached by walking: Portofino is usually
considered a posh and expensive holiday resort where only rich people can spend their holiday.
This may be true for the village and the harbour, but Portofino has also a lot to offer for those who love sea, nature, walking and hiking.
Fascinating and stunning paths in the park: Starting in Portofino along the main path, nicknamed "Verdeazzurro"
(green-sky blue) you can get to San Fruttuoso and continue on towards Punta Chiappa, to San Rocco and Camogli.
Following other paths, with different levels of difficulty, you can get to know the park in depth and enjoy
a breathtaking view of the gulfs "Golfo del Tigullio" and "Golfo Paradiso".

The most famous villages and the smallest hamlets:
Portofino was founded by the Romans as safe fishing port and was named Portus Delfini (Port of the Dolphins).
The town is now famous worldwide and visited every year by actors, artists, showmen, ship-owners, oil magnates, politicians and athletes with their yachts.
San Fruttuoso, a tiny fishing village that can be reached only by boat or walking, is nestled in a marvellous natural inlet.
Along the seabed on San Fruttuoso, only few meters beneath the surface, lies the statue of the Christ of the Abyss.
Camogli, with its very active fishing port, is a picturesque town that is well worth a visit to see the typical
Genovese-style colourfully painted ancient terraced houses that look out onto the sea.
San Rocco, situated on the heights of the passage "Passo Ruta", looks over the entire area and offers a unique view that reaches to Genoa.
Punta Chiappa, with a small group of houses, is a flat rock that stretches out into the sea.

A view by boat of the Portofino peninsula, the Lighthouse of Portofino, and the cliffs that drop into the sea:
A boat connection service connects Camogli to San Fruttuoso all year long, while another service,
active only in the summer, connects San Fruttuoso to Portofino and Santa Margherita.
The latter is a service run by "Navigazione Golfo Paradiso", which offers transport only to people and has no ferry connections for cars.
Between Camogli and Santa Margherita there is a train connection that allows tourists to complete their tour.

Visiting Portofino, its surroundings and Golfo del Tigullio while staying in Deiva Marina:
From Deiva Marina you can easily get to all the villages in the gulf "Golfo del Tigullio" and on the Eastern Ligurian Riviera, thanks to
a train connection that passes through Moneglia, Riva Trigoso, Sestri Levante, Cavi, Lavagna, Chiavari, Zoagli, Rapallo and Santa Margherita.
You cannot get to Portofino by train, but there is a bus connection from the train station in Santa Margherita.
You can also take your bike with you on some trains – the road from Santa Margherita to Portofino is level.
Along the Ancient Roman road, which is now a state road called Via Aurelia, you can drive by car,
motorcycle or bike on a flat road to Chiavari and then (with some uphills) to Santa Margherita.
Driving on the motorway Genoa-Livorno you can get from Deiva Marina to Rapallo in 30 minutes.

The Hotel Clelia Logis d'Italia, in Deiva Marina, offers to its guests detailed tourist information on visiting Portofino,
its surroundings and the entire Ligurian Riviera.
Maps, photos, leaflets and brochures are always available at the hotel reception.
The hotel has a swimming pool, comfortable and well-equipped rooms as well as a suite.
Our rooms can be booked with B&B and half or full board arrangements.
The hotel also has an a la carte restaurant. Holiday apartments in Deiva Marina and the Cinque Terre are available
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