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Eastern Ligurian Riviera:
The landscape in the Eastern Ligurian Riviera, between Genoa and La Spezia, presents unique opportunities for hiking and those who love going on walks.
You can discover ancient trails created by the local peoples in the past when the connections to some spots were only accessible by walking or by boat.
We will list only some of them, just to give you a rough idea of the most important paths.

Golfo Paradiso:
It is a wide and picturesque gulf between Genoa and Mount Portofino.
A series of mounts, such as mount Cornua, divides the Golfo Paradiso (Paradise Gulf) from the Fontanabuona valley (Val Fontanabuona).
The VERDEAZZURRO path (green-light blue path) is for sure one of the most important paths in our region.
It practically starts from the city centre of Genoa and runs all the way to Sturla, then Nervi, Sant'Ilario,
Bogliasco, San Bernardo, Pieve Alta, Sori, S. Apollinare, Mulinetti, Recco, San Giacomo and Camogli.

Portofino Mount:
This natural park and marine area is protected.
The most interesting, yet most tiring part of the VERDEAZZURRO path, starts in Camogli heading towards San Rocco and runs close to Punta Chiappa,
and then through the pass "Passo del Bacio", San Fruttuoso, Base, Prato, Portofino, Paraggi, Madonna delle Gave, Madonna della Neve and Santa Margherita.

Golfo del Tigullio:
The VERDEAZZURRO path continues on from Santa Margherita and runs through San Michele di Pagana, S. Nicola,
Rapallo, S. Ambrogio, S. Pantaleo, Zoagli, Rovereto, the shrine Santuario delle Grazie and Chiavari.
You can reach Leivi and Chiavari through an alternative path, which passes by the panoramic shrine of Montallegro.
This can also be reached by taking the cable car railway from Rapallo.
From Chiavari you can get to Lavagna, Santa Giulia, Cavi di Lavagna, Sant’Anna, Sestri Levante, Punta Manara, Riva Trigoso, Punta Baffe and Moneglia.

The Riviera by La Spezia:
The Riviera in the province of La Spezia begins in Moneglia, which also marks the end of the Tigullio Gulf.
The VERDEAZZURRO path runs towards Lemeglio through a wonderful landscape and then reaches Castagnole, Deiva Marina,
Monte Serro, Framura, Salice, Carpeneggio, Salto della Lepre, Bonassola, Torrente Rossola, Scernio and Levanto.
These hills, though less known as the Cinque Terre, are a paradise of nature, scents and panoramic views.
An alternative path runs from Framura to Levanto. You can walk or cycle this path through the former train tunnels.

The Cinque Terre:
Leaving Levanto, the VERDEAZZURRO path runs to Punta Mesco, the beginning of the Cinque Terre, and continues
on to Monterosso, Rio Molinaro, Vernazza, Prevo, Corniglia, Manarola, Via dell’Amore and Riomaggiore.
Riomaggiore marks the end of the Cinque Terre, but there is a wonderful path along which you can get to Montenero, Campiglia and Portovenere.

Alta Via dei Monti Liguri:
A 400 km path runs along the Ligurian border with France, Piedmont, Emilia and Tuscany.
The path reaches high elevations and can even been biked, except for some stretches.
Recently the first "Altavia Stage Race" was organized on this high path.

Other itineraries:
You can find very interesting itineraries in the valleys Val Fontanabuona, Val d’Aveto, Val Graveglia, Val di Vara,
Val di Magra, along the gulf "Golfo dei Poeti", in Lunigiana, Monte Marcello and in the Apuan Alps.

Hotel Clelia Logis d’Italia: Deiva Marina is situated in the middle of this marvellous landscape.
The town can easily be reached by train or car from the motorway.
During your stay you will find it very easy to get around by train to visit the towns along the coast.
There are also bus connections going inland as well as a boat service, enabling you to admire the beautiful landscape from the sea.
The Hotel Clelia in Deiva Marina is happy to welcome hikers travelling with their rucksacks and boots.
We have organized special services to meet your needs, such as a changing room,
a self-service laundry and a minivan at your disposal to reach most inaccessible spots.
Tourist information, leaflets, brochures and maps of the territory are available at our office.
The hotel has 30 rooms and a suite that can be booked with B&B, half or full board.
Hotel Clelia also has independent apartments in Deiva Marina and in the Cinque Terre.
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